Traps to Avoid When Selling Your Home

June 16, 2014

Real Estate

Traps to Avoid When Selling Your Home

housing trapsAvoid these traps to get the best offer with the highest value, and minimize the stress out of selling your home.




1. Online-only Marketing. 

Sellers need a well-rounded marketing plan.  While the internet is powerful, it is not the only option.  Depending on your property, you and your agent should consider old-fashioned post cards, fliers and print.

2. Poor Pricing. 

Home buyers tend to stay away from overly high prices and are drawn to the homes that are priced competitively.  However, if the price is too low, buyers will wonder if there is something wrong with the property.  Make sure you research your competition and consult with your real estate agent before deciding on a price.

3. Clutter Inside & Out. 

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and the first thing that buyers will see is your home’s exterior.  Have a well-kept yard, clean driveway and overall curb appeal, which will increase the likelihood that buyers will want to see more.  Inside make sure your home is absolutely free of all clutter – it should be clean and sparkling!  Help buyers imagine their own things in your home by stashing personal items, including photos and mementos.

As you go through the home selling process, avoid these traps to get the best offer quickly.  Remember that your real estate agent is more than happy to answer any of your questions and provide the most valuable help possible.  Be sure to always take advantage of all your resources.


Source:  The Real Estate Book

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