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Things Home Buyers Should Ignore When Viewing Property

April 16, 2014

Real Estate

Things Home Buyers Should Ignore When Viewing Property

IgnoreThere are some things that are hard to ignore when viewing property.  This list includes things you should look beyond:

1.  An Older Home:  Old isn’t always synonymous with bad. Some homes built decades ago have stood the test of time because they were built with solid, quality materials and are in desirable areas.  Buyers should remember there are many simple fixes for dated homes.

2.  Paint Colors:   Ignore existing paint colors and focus on the structure of the room, the placement of the windows, and other more permanent features. Paint is an incredibly easy and a cheap fix.

3.  Wacky Wallpaper:   Like paint, wallpaper is easily replaced or covered over.

4.  Kitchen Appliances and Accessories:   The kitchen is the heart of the home and often, the appliances aren’t going to live up to your dreams.  Leave some room in the budget to replace the existing appliances, and that yellow fridge will not be a deal breaker.

5.  Ugly Carpet:  Flooring options are getting more and more diverse and there are now so many low-cost options that look exactly like their higher-priced counterparts. Do not walk away from a great house just because the floor is unacceptable.

6.  Funky Smells: Except for a serious mold problem, there’s nothing a deep cleaning can’t fix.

7.  Curb Appeal:  If the home does not immediately “wow” you, that’s ok.  Close your eyes and envision a different colored front door and some new landscaping, and presto—it might just be your dream home!

8.  Popcorn Ceilings:   A ceiling specialist can come in and have it all that scrapped off. It can be a messy issue and prices vary, but it’s not the end of the world.

Source:  Trulia

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