Let Your Nose Help In Your Home Search

October 2, 2017

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Let Your Nose Help In Your Home Search

Let your nose help your home search, www.sonjabush.com, Mammoth Lakes


There are so many things to consider when purchasing a home, such as the number of rooms, kitchen upgrades, yard size, and so many other features.  However, you should also take the time to treat your first look at a house like Thanksgiving – enter the dining room and take a big whiff.


Your sense of smell can tell you a lot about the condition of a [city] home.  So follow your nose, along with your real estate agent, throughout a house and inquire about anything unusual that makes you hold your breath.  Below are four specific odors that could mean you are in for some serious work.


  1. Mold and mildew – If you get even the faintest whiff, investigate the basement and bathrooms. This could be a simple fix or the cause of larger issues, such as foundation cracks or improper insulation.
  2. Cigarette smoke – This can be an extremely offensive odor, especially to a non-smoker. In addition, it could cost you new carpets and new paint.  Smoke creates a film over paint and the only way to cover it up might be to literally do so.
  3. Pet urine – While you may be a pet lover, you do not want your new house to smell like a cat box. A quick fix could be to shampoo the carpets, but if the issue has persisted long enough then you might be looking at replacing the sub-floor especially if it has absorbed too much of the liquid and the smell.
  4. Sulfur – Just like rotten eggs, this odor will have you holding your nose. While this is not necessarily an expensive fix, it usually means there’s a gas leak somewhere, which is definitely not good for your health.


Follow your nose and be sure to ask for repair costs if you are going to have to pay for odor-removal renovations. With a little negotiation, you will find the right home and be hosting Thanksgiving dinner next year with only the scent of roasted turkey and grandma’s dressing in the air.  For more tips on purchasing real estate, please call me at 661-979-9000 or email me at [email protected].




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