Fall Home Maintenance Checklist For Your Mammoth Lakes Home

October 12, 2015

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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist For Your Mammoth Lakes Home

Whether you are staying or selling, Fall is a great time to spruce up your home and we have a great Fall Home Maintenance Checklist for you.

One of the many reasons to be specific about doing fall home maintenance, is energy efficiency. Making sure all air leaks are sealed, the heater is running at optimum efficiency, the fireplace is ready for those cool fall evening fires, will all help to keep the heat inside this fall and winter.

Outside it will prevent falls and slips, clogged gutters, and safety for you and your family, and guests.

Here are some home maintenance ideas to keep your home running smoothly all season long:


• Install storm windows and doors. Remove, clean and repair screens before storing for the winter.
• Inspect exterior walls for peeling or blistering paint.
• Check the foundation for cracks.
• Caulk where masonry meets siding. This will prevent water from seeping in.
• Inspect the roof for missing or loose shingles.
• Clean out gutters and downspouts. After the leaves have all fallen, clean out the gutters, spray out with water, caulk any leaking seams or joints, and tighten any loose brackets.
• Drain garden hoses and store inside.
• Shut off outdoor water valves.
• Fertilize the lawn now for health grass in the spring.
• Inspect the supports, stairs and railings on porches and decks. Repair where necessary.
• Clean, repair and store outdoor furniture and appliances.
• Empty soil from pots and planters. Dirt can freeze causing the pots to crack.


• Apply weather stripping and caulk to windows and door. Properly sealed windows and doors can save up to 20% on your heating and cooling costs.
• Have your heating system inspected before it’s in full use. Dust accumulates around the coils and can cause the unit to not run efficiently. Be sure to change the filters as well.
• Get the chimney inspected to prevent a house fire.
• Change the ceiling fan direction to pull warm air down.
• Change batteries in the smoke alarms and carbon dioxide detectors.
• Cover window air conditioners.
• Clean humidifiers.

Here is a handy checklist from Bob Vila that you can print to help keep track of your fall home maintenance tasks.

Be sure to read my previous article on Fall Decorating and Cleanup for additional ideas.

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