A Seasonal Guide To Maintaining Your Mammoth Lakes Home

February 10, 2019

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A Seasonal Guide To Maintaining Your Mammoth Lakes Home

From summer vacations to winter holidays, every season offers a great excuse to put off our to-do list. But neglecting home maintenance can be a major mistake.

Small problems can become big ones quickly and may be far more expensive to fix. Plus, properties that aren’t well-maintained can lose 10 percent of their appraised value. Especially in Mammoth Lakes where the snow, wind and sun can be hard on properties, year-round maintenance is crucial.

If you spend just a few hours each season maintaining your Mammoth Lakes home, you can actually increase its value by one percent annually. Plus, if you decide to sell, you won’t have a mile-long to-do list to get ready. Here’s what we suggest for maintaining your Mammoth Lakes home throughout the year:


  • Do spring cleaning (there are many great cleaning companies in Mammoth if you want to call in back-up)
  • Clean, check and service any heating systems
  • Check your plumbing to make sure you don’t have any leaks or clogs
  • Inspect smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors
  • For single family homes, inspect the outside of your home (clean gutters and downspouts, rake leaves, clear defensible space and prepare for summer landscaping)
  • Drain or flush your water heater to extend its life
  • Clean and seal your deck
  • Remove storm windows and put on screens


granite domes in Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park

  • When you’re sure winter has passed, store your snow blower and snow shovels
  • Adjust ceiling fans to run counterclockwise to keep rooms cooler
  • Clean air filters and dryer vent
  • Follow the Mammoth Lakes watering schedule for summer landscaping
  • Prune trees and shrubs
  • Do any big outdoor home improvement projects while the weather is good


a view looking up at bright orange aspen trees in the fall with blue sky

  • Check weather stripping around doors
  • Sweep your chimney and double check that your heating source is in good shape
  • Clear everything off decks
  • Rake fallen leaves and re-check gutters
  • Stock up on firewood, wood pellets or propane for winter heating
  • Caulk doors and windows to avoid drafts
  • Consider doing indoor projects in the slower season when contractors may have more time
  • Service your snow blower and get the snow shovels out of storage
  • Winterize your sprinkler system and drain and store hoses


a skier skis down a hill with a chairlift and snowy pine trees in the background

  • Take precautions to avoid frozen pipes
  • Consider getting a portable generator for power outages
  • Make a plan for home renovations and repairs (pick a room to update or a project each year)
  • When the snow starts falling, clear it off decks and roofs as quickly as possible (the more snow that builds up, the more risk for damage)
  • Tune up your skis and get ready for a fun winter season

It doesn’t take much time to keep your Mammoth Lakes condo or house in good shape throughout the year. Take time each season to make a plan for the season ahead so you know what’s coming up and can budget accordingly.

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