Where Should I Buy in Mammoth Lakes California?

August 8, 2012

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Where Should I Buy in Mammoth Lakes California?

Buying in Mammoth Lakes

There are so many great developments in Mammoth Lakes.   Besides understanding your budget, it is important to clearly define your goals for the property.   Key things to consider include:

1.  Will you be renting out the property?  If yes, occupancy rates and property management fees should be taken into consideration and these vary by project.   Consider how often and when you will be using your property.

2.  Are you a “summer” or a “winter” fan?  Specifically, what are your interests?  Although Mammoth Lakes is relatively small and you can be anywhere in a few minutes, being closer to your favorite activities is nice.   For example, is ski in/ski out access important to you?  What about easy access to the shuttle?

3.  Do you have children?   There are some projects that have more entertainment options for children.  Many clients with children like to be in or near projects in Mammoth where there is a heated pool, arcade or other child friendly activities.

4.  Do you want to want to be in walking distance to dining and shopping or do you prefer to be more off the beaten path?  Some prefer to stay in the center of action where they can simply “park and play” without ever using their car.  Others like to be within walking distance to shopping but want to be more remote during most of their time in Mammoth Lakes.

5.  Will you be financing or paying cash?  Make sure the project you are interested in has financing available.  Knowing in advance which projects are cash only can save you time and help you avoid wanting a property that cannot be financed.

Most of the above questions are common sense but many people have not thought through what is important to them.  A qualified real estate professional can help you find a vacation condo in a location that best suits your needs.

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