Tips for Selling Your Second Home Before the New Year

December 5, 2021

Tips for Selling Your Second Home Before the New Year
Whether you’ve realized that there is a new, better destination for your family for the future, or you want to consolidate and purchase a single, larger home for retirement, selling a second home can seem like it might be a challenge. If you don’t live locally when you need to sell, a key to your success is having a top real estate agent team who are local and understand the market for second homes.
That being said, we’re at a moment in the market where it is entirely possible to sell your home and get a strong return – the market for homes is still strongly in the seller’s court. This link will take you to the latest Mammoth Lakes Market Update for details.
Here are some great strategies for selling your Mammoth second home before the New Year arrives.
Lean on the Scenic Appeal 
When you sell a home to others who will likely use it as a second home, you’re leaning heavily on how beautiful this place is as an escape, a getaway from day-to-day life. The elements that make your home a vacation haven are what you want to showcase, and you’ll want things like crisp photos of the available views and detailed information on distances to destination attractions – all of this helps buyers envision their leisure time spent in this home!
Emphasize Strong Features
With an agent’s help, it’s possible to identify the top features of this home that make it appealing in the current market. Whether lots of interior space, close to the lifts or soaring ceilings are the particular benefit your property brings, put that information front-and-center for buyers.
Do Basic Winter Curb Appeal Maintenance
When selling in the winter, you do not have the benefit of true curb appeal, but making the entry as inviting as possible helps. Make sure snow is cleared on the driveway and walk ways. Fresh paint on the front door along with a new welcome mat makes a difference.
Work With Agents Who Know the Buyer Market
One of the trickiest elements of selling second homes is simply finding the right buyers who are in the market for your beautiful home in the middle of gorgeous Mammoth Lakes California. With a real estate group that sells in this area frequently, you’ll be accessing not just their skills in the paperwork and processing of the sale, but also their knowledge of how to find your target buyer. When the right agents are involved, multiple interested buyers will consider your home and you’ll have the leverage to get a competitive offer on the home in the timeframe you need. Contact Destination Real Estate Mammoth Lakes office for a comprehensive evaluation of your property.

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