Short Term Rental Master List Information

November 13, 2023

Short Term Rental Master List Information
Town of Mammoth Lakes approved an ordinance on October 18, 2023 addressing short term rentals (STR). This includes a "pause" on issuing new short-term condo rental (STR) permits in certain complexes. The current ordinance is in place through May 2024.  At that time, the ordinance could be extended, modified or replaced with a permanent solution.  A committee is working to provide options for the Town Councils consideration.  This is our understanding of how the STR permit process is working as of today.
  • If you have a nightly rental permit, there is no change for you.
  • If you are an existing condo owner and want to secure a new nightly rental permit, where you are located determines whether that is possible. All the properties in GREEN below can get a new STR permit.
  • If you are looking to purchase a condo, the good news is if the condo is currently on a rental program with a property management company, the business permit can remain active. This means the new owner would need to stay on the same rental program. This also means after purchasing you could not change rental companies (or rent out yourself via AirBnb) until the "hold" is lifted.
This chart below lists the local complexes (sorted alphabetically) and is color coded.
Orange: Properties included in the current moratorium. Owners with a current permit are allowed to continue with nightly rentals. No new permits will be issued at this time.
Green: Properties allow nightly rentals and applications for new STR permits can be submitted.
White: Per CCR's, no nightly rentals allowed OR allowed in specific units only (not deed restricted). This is very confusing. I'm here to help - reach out to me with any questions. While what I stated above is true today, it could change. 
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