Protect Your Home From Winter Weather With These Tips

January 10, 2023

Protect Your Home From Winter Weather With These Tips

Snow. Ice. Freezing rain. Wind gusts. In many places, winter weather can be harsh. And if you live in one of those places (like Mammoth Lakes or the Eastern Sierra), taking steps to protect your home from the elements is an absolute must.

But what, exactly, are those steps?

recent article from (CLICK HERE) outlined key tips for protecting your home from harsh winter weather, including:

  • Avoid frozen pipes by taking care of your home’s exterior water… As the temperature drops, the risk of frozen pipes rises. If your water is connected to any external sources, make sure to shut it off. You’ll also want to disconnect any hoses and cover any outdoor faucets.
  • …and the interior’s temperature. Keeping your thermostat too low can also cause pipes to freeze and burst. If you’re dealing with winter weather, make sure not to let your thermostat dip below 55 degrees.  
  • Take care of dead branches. Winter storms often have high winds. And if the trees in your yard have any low-hanging or dead branches, they could come off in the storm, causing all sorts of issues (like damage to your home’s exterior or taking down a power line.) Before the harsh winter weather hits, be sure to take stock of your yard’s condition, and get rid of any branches that could pose a hazard in the storm.


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