Pricing My Home to Sell

February 12, 2013

Real Estate

Pricing My Home to Sell

Price-StrategyPricing your home for sale should be based on comparable sales, specific neighborhood time-on-the-market trends, current appraisals and the homes pros and cons.  Sellers who price the property correctly from day one experience fewer days on the market and more “real” potential buyers.  No amount of marketing “magic” can overcome an over-priced price tag.  Experts suggest reducing your price if you have no serious offers in the first 30-45 days.

The most challenging part of pricing your home is to make sure you are using your head and not just your emotions.  Sellers that ignore the facts and price their property purely on “feelings” are generally disappointed or even insulted when they receive lower than asking price offers.  Inflated prices send a signal to potential buyers (and their agents) that you may not be serious about selling and therefore won’t waste their time viewing your property.

Pricing your property is part art and part science and qualified real estate agent can help you make an informed decision when pricing your property.  Licensed agents have access to recent sales, pending sales,  withdrawn listings, price per square foot and much more.

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