How To Prepare Your Vacation Home for Renters

October 26, 2015

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How To Prepare Your Vacation Home for Renters
How To Prepare Your Vacation Home for Renters,, Sonja Bush

You purchased a second home or vacation home with the purpose of renting it out for additional income. You’ve lived in it a while, decorated it the way you want, furnished it with durable furniture ready for others to enjoy. Now it’s time to get it ready to rent out.

1. Make the home as livable as if you were living in it. Your tenants want to feel just as comfortable as you, so invest in good quality, durable furniture. Remove any furnishings that don’t exude a vacation vibe or experience. Make sure seating is comfortable and lighting is good and sets a mood.
2. Remove all personal items. Install in a locked cabinet or pantry, even storage, to put your personal irreplaceable items in when you are not there. Remove anything personal to avoid getting damaged.
3. Stock the home with basics for a full house. If your home sleeps six, then provide two of everything for each guest. Two bath towels, hand towels, linens, bed sets, plates, bowls, cups, glasses, etc. Don’t forget to provide a TV, stereo, DVD player and coffee maker. All the normal comforts of home.
4. Hire local reliable property management services. You don’t want your property manager to be out of town when you are out of town. No one will be watching over your investment. Make sure your property management company is local, close to the property if not on-site, and only a phone call away. They are your eyes and ears while you are not living in the property. Get references from others who have used them in the past.
5. Set your visits on the calendar now. If you want to be assured your home will be available when you want to visit, make sure you put that on the rental calendar now so that it doesn’t get booked when you want to enjoy it. Even if it’s only tentative bookings, at least something will be down in writing and you can always change it later.

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