8 Ways to Update Your Bathroom

October 5, 2015

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8 Ways to Update Your Bathroom


Whether you are updating in preparation to sell your home, or just want a fresh look, here are 8 ways to update your 8 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom, Sonja Bushbathroom on a budget:

  1. Paint the walls.  A fresh coat of paint can liven up any room, especially a bathroom, and is all DIY.  If you are selling your home, make sure to keep the color neutral.
  2. Replace the mirror.  With all the choices these days, you can go small, over-sized, add a medicine cabinet, put a frame around it, etc.
  3. Replace grout and caulking.  Caulking wears away, as does grout.  Both get dirty, moldy, and just plain unsightly.  It’s easy to replace both when necessary, especially to give things a fresh look.
  4. Change light fixtures.  Light fixtures are simple to change out with all the selections they have a the home improvement stores.  You can give your bathroom more light, recessed lighting, and mood lighting depending on what look you want to give it.
  5. Add or change out a vanity.  If your bathroom does not currently have a vanity, add one with storage and change the whole look of the room.
  6. Refinish the tub.  There are kits that can be purchased to do this yourself, or you can save yourself the headaches and hire a professional.
  7. Replace the toilet seat.  With just a screwdriver, you can replace the toilet seat and make things look brand spanking new.
  8. Replace the plumbing fixtures.  Simply changing out the sink faucet will give your bathroom a much needed updated look if it’s been a few years. 

As you can see, simple updates don’t take a lot of money and can reap big rewards for yourself or in the sale of your home.

If you are ready to sell your home and would like a fresh perspective on what upgrades would put more money in your pocket or help your home sell faster, give Sonja a call at 661-979-9000 or email her at [email protected] to schedule an appointment for her to come out and appraise your home.

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