Mammoth Lakes Community Recreation Center (CRC)

October 30, 2022

Mammoth Lakes Community Recreation Center (CRC)
Anyone who has driven south on Old Mammoth Road in the past few months has noticed the large structure at Mammoth Creek Park. The Town of Mammoth Lakes is constructing a new Community Recreation Center (CRC).
According to the Town of Mammoth Lakes website, the CRC will be a Sprung Performance Arena enclosing an Olympic size ice rink that will operate in the winter and in the summer, proposed durable sport tiles will cover the rink area creating a 20,000 sq. foot Mammoth RecZone. Combined with community driven and professionally branded programming, the new year-round facility operated by the Parks and Recreation Department will be a game-changer for recreation in Mammoth Lakes.  The CRC is the major recreation amenity at Mammoth Creek Park that includes three complementary components: the natural play area; National Demonstration Site 7,700 sq. ft. inclusive playground and the new minor-mobility hub with parking for up to 118 vehicles
I drive past the CRC every single day and it has been interesting to watch the progress. This link will take you to a time lapse video which is pretty cool to watch. As the video progresses, pay attention to the vehicles inside the structure — it really gives you perspective on the massive size.
The Town of Mammoth Lakes provides weekly updates on their Facebook page and in the most recent update (10/28/2022) they shared the Sprung structure end walls were installed, the interior insulation work was completed, the metal framing for the lobby restrooms is ready for drywall, locker rooms are being prepared for the CMU block walls and Tesla superchargers are being installed.
During construction the Mammoth Creek Park has been closed. This was upsetting for many locals and visitors and added to the controversy about the project overall. Some say this is a much needed and welcome project. Others object to not only the cost (initial estimated at $14,831,040) but also the “tent” structure aesthetics. Nearby homeowners (all condo complexes) have differing opinions as well. Many are concerned about the obstruction of their views and the added noise during construction and anticipated during normal operations. Some think the proximity of the facility is a benefit.
Regardless of where you stand on the project, it is here to stay. The current completion schedule is mid-winter (2022/23).  Without a firm date for opening, the Town will be re-opening the outdoor ice rink (located next to Mammoth Lakes Library on Meridian Blvd) on Friday, November 25, 2022. This will ensure that our community of ice skaters, figure skaters and curlers, and winter visitors looking to skate outdoors under lights, along with our expanding local youth/adult hockey programs will be able to provide valued activities this winter (visit for details).


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